Friday, November 19, 2010



Please allow me to introduce you to Saphron Serene Clay (Dam) and Sunrise King Koda’s (Sire) pride and joy their six new puppies, five girls and one boy.  These puppies have been raised in a family home with plenty of socialization with adults, children, and other dogs.  All the puppies have been introduced to walking on a leash; although, I will not attempt to say they are leashed trained.  They have had their dewclaws removed, their first round of shots, and have been dewormed. 
Our puppies come from excellent breeding.  Both parents have certification verifying they show no signs of hip dysplasia.  The Dam, who we call Saphie for short, also has certification stating she shows no signs of elbow dysplasia.  If you are still not convinced that our puppies are right for your family, just take a look at the wonderful breeding.  Within the parents first five generations of the dam and sire’s pedigrees you can find the following titles: four dogs with the title of Master Hunter, one Senior Hunter, two Field Trial Champions, one Amateur Field Trial Champion, one Utility dog, ten Champions, one Champion Dog, and two with the title Champion Dog Excellent.  Above all else, golden retrievers are wonderful companions, make for a great hunting dogs, and their eager to please personality makes them one of the easiest dogs to train. 
All our puppies will be sent to their new homes with personalized puppy packets, a leash, collar, and a generous portion of their current puppy food.  You may use this food, in decreasing portions, to mix with the brand you purchase to make the transition easier on your new puppy.  The puppy packets include the following items: pedigree/health certificates on the parents, pedigree history on the parents (5 generations on the Sire & 11 on the Dam), AKC dog registration application, contract of sale, pictures of your new puppy from birth to the time of adoption, a new puppy handbook, information on household products that are dangerous to dogs, pamphlets on canine travel, registering your dog, breeding, keeping your dog fit, and more.
These puppies will be eight weeks old on December 2, 2010.  They would make a wonderful Christmas present.  In fact, if you would like to arrange a surprise Christmas delivery, we would be more than happy to accommodate that for an additional boarding fee, depending on delivery location.  Not to mention, this would be the perfect time to purchase a puppy if you want to train them as a hunting dog. 
My family cares deeply for the health and happiness of these puppies.  Consequently, we are not willing to ship the puppies via air.  However, we are more than willing to meet prospective buyers within a day’s driving distance, for a nominal fee, and a $250.00 deposit.  The $250.00 would be put towards the purchase price of your puppy.  We are located in Klamath Falls in the southern portion of Oregon near the California border.  Our male puppy can be purchased for $475.00 our females for $499.00.  If you think your home might be the right place for one of these adorable puppies or if you have any further questions, please feel free to email or call us, but you had better hurry before someone else gets your puppy!
Phone- 541-281-1108 (Matt) or 541-281-0083 (Lana)
 Email- (Matt- he is better about checking his email) or (Lana)
Also, see more pictures at-

We will be in the Portland area and can arrange for delivery and/or showings during the following dates 12/24-12/28/10 and 12/30-12/31/10.


Pretty in Pink/Now know as Ayla- This sweet and cuddly pup wants to be your princess.

 Hello Yellow/Now known as Dasher- She is as bright as the morning sun and always the first to greet you. 
Gracious Green Gal/known now as Copper- a golden with class, cool, calm, and collective, your friends would be green with envy.
Radiant Red/ known now as Jet- the lone ranger our only male. He was raised with five sisters and is still the king of his castle. 

Bodacious Blue/Now know as Sophie Blue- This beautiful bundle of joy will bring warmth to your heart.
Playful Purple- Full of fun and fluff, this fuzzy ball of sunshine will light up your life.

See pictures of my mom, dad, and us below.